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By Allan Ano, PGA Life Member

Golf Development Program

Learn Golf in Hawaii with The Golfing Machine method.

Practice, Practice, Practice? Well...

Yes, we all agree that a long-term practice is a key to success. In golf, no so much. What if you relentlessly practice the wrong moves? In that case you might be destroying your game permanently.

Long-term practice of wrong moves can make them hard to impossible to remove them. For this reason, it is very important to find a golf professional as soon as you discover your interest in golf.

Build Your Signature Golf Swing with Allan Ano

Define your signature athletic Move and Motion


Attach the main control function for the golf club


Add three additional control functions


Add four pressure points


Develop four ways to accumulate power


Develop four wrist positions and functions


Understand ten positions of a golf swing


Develop pace in the back swing


Develop sequence in the back and forward swing impact


Optimize release of stored energy in the golf shaft by the control of the left arm and proper releasing point of the golf club.


Golf School Oahu

Individual Golf Lessons

Single Player - Half an Hour - $50


Single Player - One Hour - $80


Three Players - One Hour (per person) - $30


Four Players - One Hour (per person) - $25


Individual lessons are mainly for corrections of the swing problems.
Allan Ano can help correcting a slice, fat shots, hooking, etc.
Group lessons are for full swing or a short game.
All lessons include cost of range balls.

Single Player - One Hour Evaluation Session - $60


Evaluation session is recommended if you like to start your Player Development Program.

Player Development Program (PDP)

Allan's Golf Swing Development Program

Every golfer from a professional player to a beginner has a Signature Athletic Move and Motion with their own pace, rhythm, strength, speed, reflex, reaction, and response. Allan will assess and identify yours and will build all the improvements to your golf swing as attachments to your Athletic Move and Motion.

Allan compares developing a person’s golf swing to building a powerful engine. All starts with a raw engine block to which a mechanic adds the pistons, cam shaft, carburetor, distributor, starter, etc., and then fine-tunes it.

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PowerGolf Hawaii
If you want to improve your game, stop at PowerGolf Hawaii at the Pali Golf Course in Kaneohe. 
We are open every day 7am - 4pm.

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