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PowerGolf Hawaii operates at Pali Golf Course at the Pro Shop. Allan Ano is a PGA Life Member with 37 years of experience gained while working at Waialae Country Club which hosted the Hawaiian Open and Sony Open. Allan Ano did repair work on clubs for pros Corey Pavin, Hale Irwin, ChiChi Rodriguex, Craig Stadler, John Maffey, Jet Ozaki and many other tour pros.

Get the most enjoyment out of the Game of Golf with playing clubs that fit your Signature Athletic Move and Motion.  You can not make a center fielder in baseball to become a pitcher or to make a marathoner runner into a hundred yard dasher  Allan Ano has the components and instruments to preciously match the clubs to the golfers athleticism.

The three main factors in building clubs are: Shaft Flex, Gram Weight of the Shaft and Kick Point. Here are the factors that determine the Flex in a Driver Shaft. There are different grades of raw graphite which are Premium and Non Premium which affects the flex of a shaft. Allan Ano grades shafts on a golf Shaft Frequency Meter to measure the Flex of a Shaft. Here is another myth or misunderstanding which is in tipping golf shafts. Tipping any flex of a shaft will make it more Rigid and Not Stiffer. Example is if the value reading of a shaft is at 250 is tipped 1 inch, the value reading will be about 253 or 254 which still makes it a Regular Shaft.

For each player, Allan create a spreadsheet of club specifications called Club DNA, and keeps it on file for future corrections or in case a club gets lost.

At Pali Golf Pro Shop we have components for custom fitting to build clubs that fits your Golf Swing. Components that we have are Golf Heads for Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, Irons and Wedges.
Our Golf Shaft Inventory includes all True Temper Shafts graphite or steel, Aerotech, Accra, Fujikura, Graphite Design, Mitsubishi Rayon, Mitsubishi Chemical, Aldila and other brands. We also have used graphite shaft priced at $40 and used steel shafts at $25. If you need any brand of golf shaft call us at Pali Golf Pro Shop 808-262-2911 and get our advice before your buy.

We have more than 3,000 golf shafts, the most of all other golf shops on Oahu.  Here are the shafts in our inventory or that we can get:

  • Driver Shafts – ProjectX, UST Mamiya, Graphite Design, Aldila, Accra, Fujikura, Mitsubishi, Grafalloy, Novatech and Swing Science.
  • Iron Steel Shaft – True Temper, Nippon Steel and KBS.
  • Graphite Shafts for Irons – Accra, Aeroteh, Novatech, Aldila, and Fujikura

We have Iron Heads from KZG, Eagle ReBirth, Krank and Swing Science.

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Custom Golf Club Building Factors

Gram Weight

Gram weight is important for the loading energy in the shaft. If the gram weight is too high, the player won't be able to load the energy into shaft for the swing. The weight needs to match the players swing ability to load.

Shaft Flex

Frequency value reading of the shaft measured in cycles per minute.

Kick Point

Thickness of the shaft is measured in relation to the distance of the tip of the shaft. Kick point affects the trajectory of the ball. A lower kick point will produce a higher trajectory of the ball and vice versa.

Loft and Lie of the Club Head

Method to determine the balance point of the schaft that can be aligned into the sweet spot of the golf club.

Moment of Inertia

Represents the effort it takes to swing the golf club and it is measured on the auditor machine by Golf Mechanics.

Your Questions about Custom Building

Does custom fitting really make a difference?
Without being fitted properly, you would have to alter your swing to the club. It’s like a shoes that are two big and you would put something in in order to fill up the space. You’ll be limping after a while or your feet might become sore. During the fitting We take in considerations several variables of your style and physique. For example shaft flex. If the shaft is too soft for your swing, the club head will come ahead in the point of impact. If the shaft is too stiff, you will be losing its momentum.

Are there any incentives for the custom fitted sets?
All custom built clubs come with a Performance Warranty regardless if it is one club or a set of clubs. Clubs come with free regripping. If a shaft is broken in the normal course of play, you pay only for the wholesale price of the shaft plus $20 labor cost and shipping. An added feature is that all clubs are to be tested on a launch monitor for performance value reading and values recorded on a spreadsheet and archived.

How much is a good fitted golf club set?
A set of irons from number 4 to pitching wedge and sandwich with steel shafts is between $885 to $1200 depending on brand and model of the club heads and shafts. A set with graphite shafts will range between $1300 and $2300. Drivers can from $450 to $1000. Wedges are between $150 and $300. Putters are usually sold as they come from the manufactures, in most cases with fitting except for adjusting the length of the shaft.

How long does the fitting process take?
First, Allan Ano builds demo clubs with three different strengths of shafts –  stiff, medium-stiff, and hard-stiff. You can take them to the golf course to play with them and find your choice. The next step is taking measurements with launch monitor of dispersion, launch angle, and distance. Once each club get narrowed down to the correct head and club shaft, Allan starts to build the set which takes one to three days depending on the current Allans workload.

What measures do you take at the fitting session?
Allan Ano take 5 different measures: cycles per minute (CPM) which the value reading of the strength of the shaft whether it is stiff, regular or soft, kick point of the shaft (high, medium, or low), gram weight, flat line oscillation which is a method to balance in the shaft into its sweet spot of the club head, and moment of inertia.

What is the best brand of golf clubs?
This really depends on your budget. A golf club can cost anywhere between $80 and $300. PowerGolf Hawaii is a representative of all major golf brand here on the island.

How long do golf club last?
They can last indefinitely, but usually the weakest link is the steel shaft which can deteriorate during time thanks to corrosion from inside. Over the time, them might break in the point next to the head. Golf clubs with graphite shafts can last almost indefinitely.

I’m only a novice golfer. Why should I spend more on a fitted set.
If a novice buys a set that is already made, he or she tries to fit themselves into the set. If the set doesn’t fit in, another set needs to be purchased. With Allan Ano, you purchase only one set in your life. If it doesn’t work, Allan re-does it at no charge.

What makes you different from other golf club builders in Hawaii?
When Allan Ano makes a set of golf clubs, he creates a spreadsheet with all the club specifications. In case any of the clubs get broken or lost, Allan can make an exact replacement to match the feel and performance of the original golf club.

How long does it take to change the grips?
Turnaround time for one club is 5 to 7 minutes.  A set of 12 clubs takes an hour and half.

What is Shaft Profiling?
Shaft profiling consists of the following: spinning, shaft flex with a frequency meter, calculating the kick point by measuring the shaft's thickness to the tip of the shaft, the moment of inertia of a shaft which gives a numbered value reading of the effort that is needed to get the optimum performance out of the shaft and flat line oscillation, which puts the spine in the correct position and zeros in the balance of the shaft into alignment to the sweet spot. The specs of the shafts are recorded on a spreadsheet for record keeping.


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Golf Club Services

Reshaft Club - $20

Includes removal, prepping of the head and shaft, shaft profiling, spinning, CPM flex, and flat line oscillation. Price doesn't include shafts.

Adjust Loft and Lie - $5

Done using the Mitchell Machine and/or the Golf Mechanix Machine.

Shorten or Lengthen Shaft - $5


Install Grip - $3


Install Your Grip - $5

Installations of grips brought by customers.

Save the Grip and Regrip - $5



Grips - $6 - $12


Putter Grips - $8 - $30


Steel Shafts - $29 - $34


Graphite Shafts - $75 - $500


Used Steel Shafts - $12 - $18

Removal and installation cost - $10, flat line oscillation - $10. Max total for reshafting with a used shaft - $38.

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